What is domnodes.js?
Domnodes.js is a compact JavaScript class which automates a great deal of dom-tasks. Domnodes.js is a base for complex JavaScript-applications. A base for easily traversing the DOM of a (X)HTML document. Domnodes.js is fully cross browser, and has been tested on Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer under Windows and Linux. There is of course no official release of IE for Linux 🙂 We are still looking for a tester for Safari. 

What is domnodes.js not?
It’s not a large library; it doesn’t have a pretty graphical user interface; in fact it doesn’t have any interface at all. It is just an API.

For whom is domnodes.js meant for?
Domnodes.js is meant for junior- and the more experienced browser/client-side programmers. Programmers who would like to create cross-browser applications with use of JavaScript, CSS and (X)HTML. Programmers who don’t like to use large predefined libraries, but would like to have a tool to quickly and easily write dom-code.

Is it AJAX?
No, it’s not AJAX. Domnodes.js could however very well be used within AJAX-like applications. By the way AJAX is just an other marketing buzz word which doesn’t mean much for us as programmers. We rather don’t use the X (XML). We use JSON.

Where can I find domnodes.js?
You can download domnodes.js here. Domnodes.js is licensed under the Library GPLv2-license

Who is domnodes.js?
Domnodes.js is build by a few programmers from a remote area in the Netherlands. We work for Pagelink interactives creating a broad variety of client-server applications. Pagelink interactives was so kind to host this website without asking for any benefits. Thanks for that! You can e-mail us at info[AT]domnodes.org.

Are there any examples?
Ofcourse there are examples of use on the script. Domnodes was used to create MostBet online, and many other similarly successful sites. Click here for the example-pages.

Are there any complete applications?
Not yet, but they’ll surely follow soon on this site.

Why is the green leave there?
The picture of the leave is a symbol for the nodes. When you treat a simple little node on a tree very well, you get a nice big and strong tree.


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