5 DevOps principles

DevOps culture becomes more and more popular. The main reason for such popularity is the high level of efficiency provided by the DevOps methodology. Why is it so efficient for software development and how does it work? Today we will discuss the main principles of DevOps culture and find out Read more…

Web Hosting with SSH Shell Access

How secure is your access to your web hosting server? If you’re accessing your website through standard FTP, the simple answer is not very secure. You can strengthen your website’s security by using SSH to access your web hosting. To learn more about what that means and how you can get it done, read on:​


Must-Haves for Real Estate Web Hosting Options

Real estate Web hosting is about more than just location, location, location. Your business needs to link buyers with sellers at any time of day. But if your website loads slowly, or fails to load at all, even the hottest property in the most spectacular location will go unsold. Or worse, it could be sold by a broker who uses a more reliable host. Choosing the right provider to host your site is a vital step when introducing buyers to sellers.


Infinity & Beyond: Does Your Site Really Need Unlimited Space?

Does your video catalog mean you need unlimited web hosting space? If you have a personal blog, what’s the point of unlimited bandwidth? Web hosting can be a complicated business at first, because it’s pretty easy to pay for services you don’t actually need. Instead of throwing your hands up and going with the biggest hosting package, it’s smart to consider what you actually need to make your site successful. In some cases, you may not actually need unlimited space hosting.


SMBs Get Ahead With Google-Bluehost Alliance

Ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds. Business Insider expects the industry to grow to $632 billion by 2020, and that’s just in the US. So, it stands to reason that any business that wants to grow, profit, and thrive in the coming years needs an online presence to compete. Google Domains is one of the newer branches of the web giant’s G Suite of web tools. Simply put, Domains is a helpful resource for SMBs that makes creating, transferring, and connecting a domain name as simple as possible. The goal is to allow small businesses that don’t have the financial resources or manpower to get online, where commerce is growing exponentially.


Protect Your Personal Data with Anonymous Hosting

Privacy and anonymity are in ever more short supply in our new digital age, and more and more people are taking steps to try to find a way back underneath their shadow, even when online. There is no shortage of reasons why someone would be interested in a hosting service that doesn’t bear their name. Perhaps you’re an anonymous blogger who writes about issues that could wreak havoc in your personal life if people track you down, maybe you’re a corporate whistleblower with an alarming message you’d like leaked without consequences.