How is IGTV different from regular Instagram videos?

With IGTV, the developers of Instagram are trying to change the existing social media paradigm, where the feed of subscriptions has always come first. IGTV is putting an algorithmic recommendation feed first. It is selected based on your past views and identified interests, and it doesn’t matter if you subscribe to their authors or not. In other words, IGTV on Instagram is more about viral content.


Trends in the gambling industry

Gambling does not stand still and is constantly changing, improving and evolving. In 2021, the gambling industry market may change a little, and with it, online entertainment. Let’s understand what to expect from the new gambling season and what games will be offered to users. If you have just started Read more…

Gifts cards

Modern gift cards can be the best solution when you do not know exactly what to present. It is just worth to look more carefully at this issue and find exactly those options for gift cards, which can be the best solution.