With IGTV, the developers of Instagram are trying to change the existing social media paradigm, where the feed of subscriptions has always come first. IGTV is putting an algorithmic recommendation feed first. It is selected based on your past views and identified interests, and it doesn’t matter if you subscribe to their authors or not. In other words, IGTV on Instagram is more about viral content.

Here you will see videos even from users you are not subscribed to. If that’s not enough, you can look at the sections with popular videos or watch the content of your favorite channels. But if you want to get more followers, it’s better to buy instagram followers. IGTV is not the best option for this purpose.

Unlike Stories, IGTV allows users to publish more informative content, because the maximum duration of a video is increased to 60 minutes. At the same time, the video orientation can only be vertical. This is the format that mobile users have long been accustomed to, but it’s not very suitable for shooting large events or professional content. Getting into the “Popular” section or into users’ recommended videos is likely to bring only a lot of views. Subscriptions are a little more complicated here. The “Subscribe” button is only available on the channel page, and as you know, no one likes to make extra clicks. Therefore, unlike YouTube or Instagram feed videos, IGTV is rather a one-time content. On this basis, many people do not try to invest in such content.

The engagement with IGTV is also different. True, not for the better yet. If videos on Instagram get on average 70,000-200,000 likes for 1 million views, this indicator is lower in IGTV – only 30,000-60,000. Users leave worse comments: on average, one video gets 4-10 times fewer comments. Perhaps, this is due to the novelty of the format. Nevertheless, IGTV is a serious bid for competition. And it is worth noting that in the beginning no one believed in the Stories format either. So it won’t help you get 100k instagram followers.

Ideas for Instagram TV videos

  1. Tutorials. People are always interested in knowing “How?” How to create something with your own hands, how it works, how it’s set up, and so on. You can do a review on your product, a workshop, a lesson. Video can be both long, with a detailed explanation from a professional, and short: for example, some kind of a how-to with music.
  2. Funny videos. This type of content will always be of interest to people. It can include short humorous sketches, reactions, and any other content that gives a good mood. Don’t be afraid to use your products in your commercials. For example, shooting people’s reactions to two different products.
  3. Interviews. People are always interested to watch other people’s life, to know other people’s opinion, emotions and mood, that’s why the interview genre never loses its relevance. You can invite an expert or a guest star, or ask your clients to answer the questions about your company in an informal and uncensored way.
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