When binary options started to grow in popularity a few years ago, there was only one type of option on the market: Call/Put. However, as public interest in binary options grew, other types of trades became available. 


The basic type of binary options trade is the Call/Put trade. In this trade you look at an asset, which could be a stock, currency, commodity or index and decide if the price is going up or down. The expiration time may vary, or it may be set by the trader. The expiration time can vary widely, but for high/low trades, it will usually be 5 to 15 minutes to several hours. If you predict the price change prediction correctly and the asset trades at the level you specify, you win at expiration time. Otherwise, you lose. 

One Touch/ No Touch 

In this type of trading, the trader needs to determine if the price trend will reach a certain level or not. The trigger point can be anywhere on the chart. Usually, the further away from the trigger point, the higher the current price level – the higher your potential profit will be. The point that is closer is more accessible, so the payout will be less. Typically, One Touch payouts are much higher – this is because there is much more risk involved. В

60 Seconds / Short Term

These types of trades work exactly the same way as standard High / Low trades, except that the action takes place in just one minute. Some binary brokers also offer short-term trades. These may include 60-second binary options, as well as options with two- or three-minute expiration times. 


The opposite of short-term deals. They are designed to be executed over several days, weeks, or even months. It’s easier to learn from these types of trades: first, it’s easier to correct mistakes in your trading when you’re working slowly. Second, the data at these levels is more reliable and therefore easier to trade successfully, which is great for technical analysis. Another reason that long term trading is the right choice is because not all traders have the character for short term trading. Many traders will be happier and more successful when trading in a few days or a week. 

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