Ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds. Business Insider expects the industry to grow to $632 billion by 2020, and that’s just in the US. So, it stands to reason that any business that wants to grow, profit, and thrive in the coming years needs an online presence to compete. Google Domains is one of the newer branches of the web giant’s G Suite of web tools. Simply put, Domains is a helpful resource for SMBs that makes creating, transferring, and connecting a domain name as simple as possible. The goal is to allow small businesses that don’t have the financial resources or manpower to get online, where commerce is growing exponentially.

One of the latest services Google Domains customers can enjoy is its newest collaboration. The competing king of the internet, Google, has teamed up with web hosting guru Bluehost​ from Endurance for faster, smarter, and easier website building, integration, and management. The partnership is meant to bring the web hosting services available from this well-known provider to businesses who know little or nothing about website building and hosting. With big promises for small businesses, though, is this collaboration really going to do anything to change the current for the underdogs in the industry? Take a look at what this new association means for Google Domain and Bluehost users, along with some of its best features, and who can really get the most out of this alliance.

What You Get From the Affiliation

Bluehost is known for providing solid WordPress functionality, from building a new site to running and maintaining it with ease. The cloud-based website provider offers web hosting services at extremely competitive rates along with a slew of other convenient services such as marketing tools and Ecommerce solutions.

One thing business owners certainly don’t want to be hassled with, though, is converting their current sites or transferring information from an existing website that they’ve already put so much time and effort into. So, the major benefit Google Domain users receive from this partnership is access to Bluehost’s impressive suite of tools and resources for businesses without having to start again from scratch. Bluehost offers shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting, among other incredibly useful tools, the foremost of which is WordPress hosting. WordPress currently fuels a staggering 25% of all the websites on the internet, a fantastic feat—so it is no small thing being able to build and integrate your Ecommerce site with this Goliathan service.

On the same note, Bluehost customers can now access the rich G Suite, seamlessly integrated with their current Bluehost website. G Suite is a massive set of smart applications to help businesses run more smoothly and efficiently than ever before. The suite includes tools like Gmail, Google Drive (which includes documents, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations), and Google Calendar for instant updating and maximum connectivity for every member of your team, no matter their location or your business size.

In short, business owners only stand to gain from the alliance, and while the program has been running for a few years now, there have yet to be any drawbacks considered from these 2 behemoths in business joining forces.


The new collaboration is good news for business owners since it provides a fabulous aggregate of the two services in one easy platform. Some of the features that users will appreciate include:

1-Click WordPress Installation

Since most SMBs don’t have a dedicated staff of web designers, IT technicians, and computer wiz’s to get their websites up and running, this feature is invaluable. 1-click promises fast, easy, and instantaneous installation to your new WordPress site without all the hassle. It literally takes one click, you can’t get simpler than that.


Without getting too technical, cPanel is one of the easiest ways to manage a website today, providing intuitive tools for juggling emails, domain names, products, and more within a single framework. It’s an ideal platform, especially for smaller businesses that aren’t so tech savvy and don’t have the IT staff to navigate more complex models.


Small businesses all dream of making it big one day—and this web hosting service is there for them when they do. With smart scalability built into the structure of the service, organizations can start out small and have their website grow alongside their business with richer features sets and more powerful options to work with.


Offering a suite of tools specifically catering to SMBs, Jetpack is thought to be an essential for any blog or website owner. It provides useful information like traffic stats, SEO tools, share buttons, and comments to even more involved security features and backup services.

24/7 Customer Support

This doesn’t necessarily seem like a vital feature, but when your website goes down, eSellers need to know that there’s someone there to help get it back up and running fast. Because an offline website is more useless than a Christmas tree sale on December 26th. Bluehost customer service is available 24/7 to help customers stay online and connected to their own customers at all times.

Money-Back Guarantee

Small businesses run on tight budgets, so every penny counts. This joint venture offers customers the flexibility of trying the service and opting out if it’s not the right fit.

Bluehost & Google Apps

And of course, with the partnership comes the accessibility of both reliable hosting and all the usual Google apps a business owner currently relies upon to run their business.

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